Master Platform

STOCKTAKELIVE application allows you to process physical inventory data captured via PDAs through either a centralized cloud location or Windows application. PDAs are one part of the physical inventory count automation. The second important part is a central database to store data or a windows application to process the results. After data is collected, you normally want to compare it to what you are supposed to have.

Web API Suite

The Item master is firstly imported to the Web API. The user then defines the physical zones accordingly and starts to scan inventory barcodes which is then submitted in batches, the data is routed simultaneously to the central database on the cloud server. When inventory count is completed, it produces a summary of the zonal scans received. The main advantage of the Web API is that multiple stores can perform the physical inventory at the same time and the data can be viewed in a centralized manner. Once the scans are completed the result can be exported in a csv format for further reference or interface through API.

Live Feed of scanned barcodes

Retail Mobile Suite(Standalone)

The Windows application allows you to view the results obtained from the scans done using the Android Physical Inventory (API) application. Once the zonal scans are completed using the API device, the result is then exported from the device in SQL format and imported to the windows application. Which then provides a detailed view of each user count for respective zones along with the actual physical quantities scanned.

Importing the count data to the windows application

The Analysis tab is where we get to know how many PI counts taken are valid/not valid. The application checks if the actual stock count taken for a respective zone matches with any one of the user counts, if so the system takes it as a Valid PI Count. Else it is considered as a Not Valid Count. Valid counts for each barcode is summarized and shown in the application. The user can then Export the Valid counts in to a .csv format. By entering the barcode of an item the user can get to know how many quantities of the same is available in each zone.

Analysing Valid and non valid counts