Android Platform

Physical inventory counts can become a nightmare when done manually. STOCKTAKELIVE will help you do stocktaking in a matter of minutes or hours rather than days, receive accurate results and make sure collected information is not misplaced or lost. STOCKTAKELIVE uses barcode, PDA (Android), Windows platform & cloud technology to make inventory count task fast and easy. Using STOCKTAKELIVE android application, employees can scan assets or inventory with a PDA instead of taking it manually with paper and pencil.

Standard Stock Take Practise

Before you begin scanning your inventory with your PDA barcode scanner you must first Import your Item Master & also divide the store into numbered zones for ease of counting. Stock counting starts with person (A) going with a scanner to each zone and physically counting units within that zone.

He then inputs the Zone-ID and total quantity into the scanner and repeats the same for all the zones. The above mentioned steps are repeated by a second person(B) with a scanner. Person B will conduct the physical count by selecting the zone and scanning the items continuously or can perform the Physical inventory by scanning the barcode and entering the corresponding physical unit count. if the scanner comes across a barcode not part of the Item master it will notify the user that the scan does not match, which will require the user to recheck the barcode and then rescan if required.

In the event of inability to get the valid barcode for the item, then item will be taken off the rack and the total quantity count provided before by the user is edited to reflect the changes. Once all the scanning is completed the data from scanners should be exported where the data is then validated for count accuracy, zone totals are cross checked against the scans done. The case where the scanned zonal quantities matches with any one of the counts taken before by the user (A/B) the count will be considered as Valid, else the user will need to repeat the process again for the specific zone. Once the count and scanned data is all validated then it gets consolidated in the master application.

Stock take with Android